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* In April 1991, Deputy Commissioner Glenn A. Walp became a member of the governor’s cabinet and was appointed Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP); the largest state police organization in America with 5,200 personnel

* Col. Walp served three years as Deputy Commissioner during Col. Ronald Sharpe's administration, before being promoted to Commissioner and holding that position for four years.

* Dr. Walp was the Assistant Task Force Commander of the Johnstown Flood of 1977, and the Task Force Commander of the 1989 Camp Hill Prison Riot.

* Dr. Walp initiated the first ever PSP Strategic Planning Program, Heritage Affairs Officer position, and statewide psychological profiling units. He promoted the first female in United States state police organizations to the rank of major, and initiated a process to resolve a 25-year-old federal consent decree. While Commissioner, minority recruitment increased 42%.

* Col. Walp spearheaded technological advancements with live scan fingerprinting, automated fingerprint identification (AFIS) and DNA analysis.

* Under the leadership of Commissioner Walp, on July 31, 1993, the Pennsylvania State Police became the largest accredited state police agency in the United States by complying with 773 professional police standards.

* In 2002 Dr. Walp uncovered major crime, corruption and cover-ups at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, leading to the arrest of lab employees, the firing/reassignment of 19 high-level lab executive leaders and causing the federal government to create a bidding contract for oversight of the lab - the first time since the Manhattan Project began. He then became a consultant to the President of the University of California to assist in correcting the security failings at the Los Alamos lab.

* In 2015-2016, Dr. Walp, in concert with Nuclear Watch of New Mexico, the Project on Government Oversight, and other individuals, have initiated a process requesting the United States Department of Justice reopen the FBI case at the Los Alamos lab. The request is to investigate an alleged suicide of a lab executive in January 2003. There was strong evidence at the scene of the death indicating it may not have been a suicide, and that the death may be related to the crime and corruption uncovered at the lab by Walp in 2002.

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